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Broken Love (Love Series #2) by Jillian Dodd

Broken Love (The Love Series) (Volume 2) - Jillian Dodd

This was my first read of Jillian Dodd's and I totally enjoyed every bit of it!! The beginning takes us back 6yrs and that is how you get hooked and need to keep reading!! Cade and Palmer were torn apart and neither one has gotten over the other. Cade was best friends with Palmer's older brother Pike and that relationship also got severed in the disaster from 6yrs ago.
Now Cade and Palmer are more or less thrown back together and find that the attraction and chemistry are still there and stronger than ever!!
It was an amazing read not only about romance and soulmates, but also about healing hearts, about healing old wounds and past friendships.
I laughed and cried the whole way through this book, I also read it in one night so be prepared!! Totally loved it and I will be adding Jillian Dodd to my list of must reads, I will definitely be recommending to all my friends