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Breaking Down Sydney (Sydney West #2) by Brittney Coon

Breaking Down Sydney (A Sydney West Novel) (Volume 2) - Brittney Coon

Breaking Down Sydney (Sydney West #2)

by Brittney Coon



After coming back from summer break in California Sydney West is a changed person who has left her heart with Jason King. She asks herself "No sane person can fall in love during a season can they?". But I think fate is about to prove Sydney wrong!!! Not sure what to do Sydney gets her head down and gets stuck into her classes. A surprise reunion catches Sydney off guard and we see the loving the relationship bloom between Jason and Sydney. Their relationship has it's ups and downs and Sydney tries her best to push Jason away but he shows her what loving someone really means. This book had heartbreak, love and some very sexy scenes. There was also plenty of anticipation as to what direction Ms Coon was going to take this loving strong couple and I totally enjoyed the ending, it left us wanting more. I can't wait to see what curve ball Brittney Coon throws this couple in the next instalment and find out how Sydney deals with the new changes