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Touched by Love (Love in Bloom: The Remingtons #6) by Melissa Foster

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Touched by Love (Love in Bloom: The Remingtons) - Melissa Foster



Janie Jansen is a very independent young woman who has a disease that has been slowly taking her sight since she was younger, having been brought up by very protective over-bearing parents all Janie wants is some space and freedom to make her own decision's. That's where her best friend Kiki comes into it, after college they both move to New York City where Janie works as an editor. Boyd Hudson is a firefighter who works out of the same fire house as Cash Ryder who is married to Sienna Remington, only has one goal and that is to get into Med School. Boyd also works part time as a consultant for the same company that Janie edits for and they have struck up a kind of friendship and Boyd just can't help himself not to flirt with her, he is totally smitten. The night of Janie's accident is when things start to bloom between these two as Boyd's instinct takes over and he goes into protective mode where as Janie is fiercely independent and stubborn, but reluctantly takes the help and their friendship goes into a loving relationship that has it's ups and down's.
The title definitely fits as this was a very moving and touching story about life struggles, friendship, love and a journey to over come major obstacles that break down even the toughest walls built around a person's heart