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Resist Me (Men of Inked #3) by Chelle Bliss

Resist Me - Chelle Bliss

Izzy Gallo is the Only girl with four older very alpha brothers that have stuck their nose in every part of her life!! But like a true Gallo Izzy is stubborn!! For me Izzy is a sassy tough no - holds - barred chick, my kinda gal! I loved her thinking that no man can handle her hahaha that is until James comes along. James is Izzy's brother Thomas partner in the DEA, he is Thomas link to the outside while he is deep undercover. We met James briefly in Throttled (Novella) at City and Suzy's wedding where himself and Izzy had a brief one-night stand. You see now here is where the story gets interesting LOL!!! James is just as stubborn and bull-headed as our Izzy, if not possibly even more so....I loved the back and fourth between these two and how James tried to tame Izzy but she is and always will be a Fire-Cracker!! Loved catching up with City Suzy and all the gang, I love all these Gallo's and can't wait for more laughter, HOT scenes and to read about the awesome strong bond this family have together