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Sapphire Falls: Going All In (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Molly McLain

I Love Molly McLain's River Bend Series and to have it mixed with my all time favourite Sapphire Falls is like Christmas morning for me!!! In this short novella we meet Ellie from River Bend and Dillon from Sapphire Falls, and by god it is one spectacular encounter. Ellie is a total spitfire who has come to Sapphire falls because her uncle Miles has passed away and left her something in his will. Dillon a wounded cop loves Sapphire Falls and the house he helped Miles build. When these two meet the chemistry zaps and pops between them is pretty HOT!! They are both totally not what the other expected and turns out pretty funny. This novella made me laugh and I could feel the emotions from both Dillon and Ellie as their relationship progressed. Another fab addition to the Sapphire Falls Series