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Final Target (A Triskelion Novel Book #1) By Zara Keane

Final Target (Dublin Mafia: Triskelion Team, Book 1) - Zara Keane

This is book #1 in the Triskelion Series and it was a great way to start off the series. In this we meet Lar Delaney a hit man for his Mafia uncle and Moira Collins an Intelligence agent. Lar wants out of the Irish Mafia but his uncle wants him to do one more job before he'll let him walk, Lar must kill a MI6 agent who frank believes is responsible for his son's death in Boston. Lar accepts the job but soon finds himself staring at the picture of an old ex he believed to be dead and happened to be killed in the same bomb that killed frank's son in Boston - Moira Mahon a.k.a Moira Collins (MI6 agent). This is where it gets interesting and the plot really takes off with lots of surprises and suspense that had me on pins & needles throughout!! We have a sexy badass hero and a pretty badass heroine, mix them together and you have an explosive read!! It has many twists and turns but you can also see the love between the two main characters with plenty of action to keep you turning the pages. It's ending has a promise of more to come from these characters in the next book because there were quite a few loose ends that have set up for an excellent 2nd book

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