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Always My Girl - Samantha Chase

I love Samantha Chase, she is my go-to author when I need a pick-me-up!! I can't get enough of the Shaughnessy Brothers and I have been eagerly waiting for Quinn and Anna's story from book #1 Made For Us. There is just something about a friend's-to-lovers story that makes you really feel.
Anna has been in love with Quinn for quiet some time, Quinn on the other hand is a little clueless. Until one day at Aidan and Zoe's house, Quinn spots a fine young woman Sunbathing, and in true style Quinn goes over to introduce himself and BANG!! It's definitely not who he expects which sends him into a complete tailspin!! And I loved it!!
As they explore this new side of their relationship there are plenty of ups and downs, and there is only so much a woman can take when it comes to loving that special someone.
This was an awesome read that really explored the friends to lovers relationship and how each character dealt with the changes.
I loved how we got to catch up with character from the previous two books. The storyline had an easy flow to it, as do all Samantha's novel's.
A definite must read!! Can't wait for more from this series!!!