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St. Helena Vineyard Series: Finding Home (Kindle Worlds) by Reina Torres

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St. Helena Vineyard Series: Finding Home (Kindle Worlds) - Reina Torres


St. Helena Vineyard Series: Finding Home (Kindle Worlds)

by: Reina Torres


This was a new to me author and I got to wonder where this gem of an author has been hiding!!?? I love Marina Adair's St. Helena Vineyard Series and this is an awesome addition!!


From the beginning I was intrigued by Teodoro (Teo) and his story but I tink what got me more was the mystery behind Mirella (Mira). Reina Torres really knows how to write a big strong sexy character who's love for his "Nonna" shines the whole way through and you just know a man thike that is gonna fall, and fall hard!!!


For me Mira is one strong tough character who is trying to move on from a nasty past and is doing that in St. Helena, until she meets Teo who breaks down all her walls and wants in. Things seem to be going ok, a little bumpy but they are getting to know each other and just when you think HEA is in their grasp someone from Mira's past comes back!!
Will he destroy the life she has made for herself?? Will he drive away the man she has come to love??


This book had it all, romance heartache laughter and catching up with some old favourites from St. Helena