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Uncover Me (Men of Inked #4) by Chelle Bliss

Uncover Me - Chelle Bliss

This is Thomas Gallo's book and oh boy it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through!! The anticipation while reading this book was beyond brilliant. Thomas has been undercover for over a year with the Sun Devil's MC and he seems a bit lost, he has been gone from his family for a long time and has missed so much. The work he is doing is for the good but he still can't shake his feelings of loneliness, at least he has Roxy. Roxy is a stripper who Thomas can be himself around, but because he is undercover he knows nothing big can come out of it. No longer able to hold his feeling at bay - he is more than ready to go home, but is there a way he can take the one woman who means so much to him, the woman he loves??
Chelle Bliss really pulls on the heart strings in this one, it's a total knock-out!! It is more serious than the others, which adds to the anticipation and is definitely worth the risk to read it and see that family bond is still strong, but, maybe with Thomas home it is that bit stronger