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Going My Way? (A Sapphire Falls Kindle World Novella) by Samantha Chase



Oh wow what a sweet sexy read!! I loved the banter and joking between Dylan and Chloe, it was nice and light. This was a quick read and I could not put it down, it captured me right from the beginning, it made me laugh as Chloe got to know some of the local women Hailey and Phoebe and there was a pretty funny scene outside the Come Again that you don't want to miss!!! Dylan is a 30yr old who has his whole life put together - steady business, good friends and a nice home where Chloe is the opposite she's packed up all her belonging into her car, left her hometown and is a little lost. Put these two together and you would think it's a disaster, but, Samantha Chase being the awesome writer she is totally makes this work and made it an enjoyable light sweet and easy read


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1630794479?book_show_action=false