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Getting His Way (Sapphire Falls #7) by Erin Nicholas

Getting His Way: Sapphire Falls book seven - Erin Nicholas

Welcome back to my most favourite place ever!!! This story is about Bryan Murray and Tessa Sheridan, we met Bryan before he is Ty Bennetts best friend and is also a true Sapphire Falls boy born and reared. Tess has loved Bryan since she was 8yrs old and that's a long time to love someone and help build them up, so much so that they have a massive ego to where Bryan can't fit his head through the door.
Tess is sweet and kind, she has 3 jobs on the go and is the back bone of Sapphire Falls, but is sick of waiting for some HOT DITY SEX so she decides to come up with a plan. Bryan on the other hand had always figured when he was finished making something of himself that Tess would be there waiting for him, but a girl can only wait for so long!!!! It was hilarious reading about Bryan's reaction to learning that he really didn't know Tess as well as he thought. It had everything a Sapphire Falls/Erin Nicholas book has - I laughed, OMG I laughed at the Blue Brigade, all the people trying to help out Bryan to finally SEE Tessa.
Best Quote - "Athletes were nuts. A case could be made for people in Sapphire Falls being a little nuts too, of course. But they were good nuts. Happy nuts, satisfied nuts". I also have to mention the scene in Ty's living-room with all the Bennett boys (wives too) where Bryan tries to out Kathy Bennett being part of the book club, its kind of an underground thing.
It is HOT sweet sexy and romantic and funny definitely a book to add to your TBR!!! So settle down with a nice COLD drink and a comfy chair, and enjoy the visit back to Sapphire Falls because I guarantee you won't want to move until its finished. Hats to off to you Erin Nicholas and your freaking AWESOME books!!!