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When I'm With You (Hope Town #3) by Harper Sloan

When I'm with You (Hope Town Book 3) - Harper Sloan

Little Nate Reid is all grown up and he finally gets his story!!!! If there is ONE thing I love about Harper Sloan its the way she writes "steamy HOT romances" and not just any kind of romance, no, she writes in a way that has you smiling & laughing with the characters and also feel their pain. And my GOD did I feel Ember's pain, she is one tough cookie but sometimes a women's heart can only get broken into so many pieces and even if the only person that can fit it is the same person that shattered it, is it really worth the pain and heartache to let them back in??? This book is without a doubt the book to show you how strong two souls that are meant to be fight for their love and happy every after, it is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC, I laughed and cried, read it in one sitting, because, hello, its a Harper Sloan - CS/Hope Town Book. Nate is one HOT Alpha who could give his dad a run for his money, which makes for an awesome read!!!!! Believe me you are gonna love Nate he is the Hottest Book Boyfriend to come around in a while...
NATE - MADDOX "If I told you I would cut your arm from your body if you caused her a second of pain, what would you say?" I stand a little straighter and keep my face as impassive as his. "I would hand you the knife". "If I told you that you didn't deserve her?" "I would agree. She deserves the world, but she's just getting me, and with me, she's going to get a man who works his ass off to hand the world to her".

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